CSA Canada

Cloud Security Alliance Canada

CSA Canada promotes the use of best practices on delivering security and service assurance in the cloud

Cloud Security Alliance Canada

CSA Canada through research, events and our social media platforms, promotes relevant cloud education and the dissemination of cloud security guidance on the usage of cloud services

Cloud Security Alliance Canada

CSA Canada advocates a thorough and strategic effort to establish an organization’s journey to the cloud

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Hey Everyone we finally have a web presence all our own. Please have a look at the site and feel free to provide some feedback or other ways we can improve the user experience. We will be adding additional pages and content over time.

Latest news

CSA Canada Featured in National Post.  March 11th, 2021.
Matthew Hoerig, President CSA Canada, answers 4 critical questions small and medium-sized businesses must consider when moving to a secure cloud environment. Read More

SAVE THE DATE. September 25th, 2020 at 10AM.
Join our panel of experts for Pandemic lessons: opportunities and challenges with contact tracing in Canada. Our discussion will focus on the challenges and solutions to implementing #contacttracing without violating the #privacy of Canadians.
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CSA Canada welcome McAfee as a chapter-level sponsor, we are excited to have them aboard. Macaffe will be chairing the CSA Canada IAC (Industry Advisory Council).

CSA Canada will be releasing our co-written paper on GDPR top 10 concerns for CIO’s. This paper has been developed jointly with Protivity and is intended to highlight areas where Canadian leadership to take notice with regards to GDPR compliance or adherence.

Upcoming Regional Events, we are planning for our next regional event in May. This will be the first of a new round of regional events for 2019 and beyond.

Mission Statement


The mission of the Cloud Security Alliance Canada is to advocate and promote a set of cloud security best practices based on guidance from the Cloud Security Alliance and NIST. Our goal in this area is to establish ourselves as a leading entity in this domain where Canadian industry can review documentation, speak to a subject matter expert or look at attend an upcoming Cloud Security Alliance Canada/Global event, with the intent of gaining education and insight into relevant cloud security domains.

Cloud Security Alliance Canada

CSA Canada is a national level country chapter. CSA Canada promotes the foster of relations and mutual activities between with the regional chapters where beneficial. The hope is to extend regional chapter membership to Montreal, the Praries and Atlantic Canada. Stay tuned.

What Our Members Say

My customers didn't experience a single minute of downtime since I moved my services over to CSA Canada.

Peter Miller
Member since 2014

CSA Canada helped me with a professional custom server solution when my business was so rapidly growing my old system couldn't handle the load anymore.

John Smith
Member since 2018

By switching to CSA Canada's Anycast DNS system we were able to decrease the worldwide app latency immensely.

Mary Fonda
Member since 2016

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